4. ATC Junior Tiger Membership


Special Junior Tiger Membership Card
Birthday Card / Stickers / Competitions / Prizes
Special Junior Tigers Clinic w. Players / Family Day (w.Show Bags & Rides)
Special Albury Tigers Football & Netball 
Collector Cards
Free Hot Dog @ Home Games
In the Draw to be the lucky Home Game mascot for both the Senior Football & Netball Teams – (Lead the team out, toss the coin & Sing the song with the Players after the game).
Note: Albury Juniors receive this with their registration

  • Please choose which mascot you'd like to be if chosen
    • Football
    • Netball
  • Birth Month (for birthday card)
    • Jan
    • Feb
    • Mar
    • Apr
    • May
    • Jun
    • Jul
    • Aug
    • Sep
    • Oct
    • Nov
    • Dec

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